Social Media

Social Media Community Guidelines
High Country Bank © July 2020

High Country Bank has engaged in social media in order to better serve our customers and our communities. We encourage feedback, both positive and negative, in order to better meet the needs of our customers and improve our products and services. Our social media pages are public pages so that anyone can participate in discussions. Due to this, High Country Bank is not responsible for views expressed other than our own.

We emphasize that our social media pages are not to be used for sharing of private information in regards to your accounts and any such posts will be deleted immediately. Do not post any personal information such as address, telephone/mobile number, bank account number, e-mail addresses or passwords, etc. High Country Bank does not ask for any addresses, telephone/mobile number, bank account number, e-mail addresses or passwords on social media pages. All users are asked to comply fully with our community guidelines as well as those of the Social Media network on which they are posting, such as the Facebook Community Guidelines.

Social media pages should not be used by customers for reporting lost cards or any fraud or any information or any reporting which requires immediate attention of the officials of the Bank. For such incidents, customers should follow the process as prescribed by High Country Bank. 

Since these pages are moderated by High Country Bank employees, an attempt will be made to respond in a timely manner. However, please note that responses to your queries could be slower during non-banking hours/holidays and we would request you to bear with us in such situations. You can also email us at

In accordance with High Country Bank’s policies and procedures related to social media, posts that meet any of the following criteria will be removed:

  1. Profane, obscene, inappropriate, or disruptive material
  2.  Indecent, sexually explicit, or pornographic material 
  3. Masked profanity by use of symbols, initials, intentional misspellings, pictures, or other characters that suggest profanity
  4. Threats, personal attacks, abusive, defamatory, derogatory, inflammatory, or harassing language 
  5. Discriminatory comments based on age, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability
  6. False, inaccurate, malicious, libelous, or other statements misleading in any way
  7. Spam or linking to any kind of virus, malware, spyware, phishing, or other programs that are harmful to a user’s device 
  8. Private information of individuals or organizations

We reserve the right to exclude and ban/block any user from our pages without prior warning if they fail to comply with our Community Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, or Policies and Procedures. These guidelines apply to all social media properties affiliated with High Country Bank, including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.